Party: Cat, Nicole, Jo, Stecey
Leader: Stacey
Date: 30/8/2014

With the sun attempting to shine, we set off from Woodford station and cruised down the oaks, enjoying the sense of freedom that being on a bike offers.

The trail was fairly well graded and crowd free and apart from the odd breather stop to rest our quads, we threaded our way along the fire trail, the single trail and then the new fun park trail at the end. Cat likened the fun park trail to beginner skiing and I have to agreed with that. The little bumps and curves and small drop offs were designed to leave you with a huge grin on your face. Highly recommended!

Just in time, the sun broke out for lunch at Glenbrook gorge and we enjoyed Tim Tam sandwiches (Cat’s new speciality) and little Oliver’s company as Dave took to the fun trail for his afternoon ride.

Thanks girls for a great ride!

Kind Regards
Stacey Shu Huy Ly