Walkers: Bruce, Phil, Roger, Tammy, Tony (Tien), Conrad, David, Dominique, Thomas, Linda, Zoe, Carmen, Dana.
Leader: Bruce
Date: 13/7/2014

We all met up at Woy Woy Station and everyone bundled into the three cars for the 15 minute drive to MacMasters Beach. While the drivers did a car shuffle to take my car to Kilcare Beach at the other end of the walk, the rest of the group set off for the most southerly of the three “Cape Three Points”” (so named by Captain Cook in 1770) to see if they could spot any whales. (They didn’t, but enjoyed the view which extends north to Norah Head). Then we all got together for the first section of the walk, to Little Beach. The track was dry and also for some distance either side of this beach was on white sand. After climbing up from Little Beach the track continued towards Maitland Bay, and at a junction we took a side tour to Bombi Head and had morning tea. It was also partially sheltered from the fairly strong south-westerly cold wind which blew constantly throughout the day. Then we continued towards Maitland Bay along the track which more-or-less follows the cliff line, but after the junction of the Bombi Head track noted that the fine white sand had been covered for quite a distance with what looked like pine bark – what you put on gardens. We wondered why, and the theory proposed was that it was for better traction for fire vehicles using the track.

Anyway, we eventually left the pine bark track and joined a narrow bush path which literally skirted the cliff edge, so much so that at one point we were getting sea spray on our faces. This climbed down into a gully and back up again, until doing a final descent to Maitland Bay. Here we found a sheltered area and had lunch. In a little gully I found an usual fern with spiky leaves (see photos). We also spotted a sea eagle circling high above. While we had lunch Tony went out to the north end rocks to look at the sea life there and reported seeing “many crabs”.

After lunch we noted the sky had become cloudy but there was no hint of rain although it got cold. So we set off on the final section of the walk which meanders towards Bullimah Beach, and stopped briefly at a view point to see if we could spot whales. We didn’t, although apparently there were some further down near the Northern Beaches. Although, the view stretches as far south as Bondi, although whales are big, they are not big enough to be seen from where we were! Anyway, we eventually reached Putty Beach, after walking along the boardwalk from Bullimah Beach, noting the huge sea swell. Putty beach continues south to become Kilcare Beach, and as it was low tide the walking was easy along firm sand. We reached the car park there, and us three drivers set off back to MacMasters Beach to get the cars. Then it was back to Woy Woy Station, getting there just five minutes ahead of the next train to Sydney at 4pm.

This was a nice walk in sunny weather (until lunchtime anyway), and although we didn’t see any whales or penguins, it was an interesting walk.

And there were no “no shows”, either!

My photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brstafford/sets/72157645362798009/

Bruce Stafford