Leader: Kyle
Date: Sunday 23rd March 2014

The trip began with a quick scramble off down some steep but short rocks to test the groups abilities and went without incident. We got some spectacular views of the Three Sisters backsides and a fantastic landscape shot for any shutterbugs out there. After the scenic view came a series of minor home invasions as we attempted to find our way out only to discover numerous side trails leading to various the backyards of the area. After alerting a few local dogs to our presence, the group moved on to the main and very well maintained track of the National Park. The trail gave us some excellent views of the cliffs and the forest paths beneath it. After visiting a few waterfalls and easy downhill hiking we made our way to the bottom of the cliffs and into the rainforest. The change in ecology was pleasantly surprising and the temperature difference was welcomed by all as we trudged along the track towards yet another waterfall. Following what we believed to be the best waterfall of the track we found the Lindemann track. This was a hundred year old track that had been rediscovered in the 80’s by a group of local legends who generally cleared most of the foliage away. That being said there were a few patches of overgrowth and more spiderwebs than you could shake a stick at (literally I was shaking a stick and still got enough facials to impress a pornstar). For some reason spiderwebs on this track are all at face height; some say coincidence, I say Australian spiders have evolved to be even more deadly and serious investigations should be launched.

Despite the minor inconveniences present the trail was a wonderful change from the monotonous walks that usually accompany a well travelled hike. We were all far more aware of our surroundings and that only enhanced the experience. Rounding the corner of one particular cliff we came upon our lunch spot, a magnificent waterfall that provided us all with a cooling mist while we tucked into our respective tuna cans and sandwiches. From here we hiked a further hour or so along some very muddy patches that almost claimed a shoe or two but finally we arrived at the landslide. This was the end of the line for the Lindemann track as the landslide had rendered passage impossible. We therefore had but one choice, we climbed up the cliff. Ok we scrambled up the cliff but regardless there were some seriously badass ascents and rope assisted scrambles. In addition, I feel its worth noting that we were absolutely assaulted by leeches between the waterfall and the cliff. I personally found seven bites after the hike but I was wearing sandals. Despite sustaining such heavy injuries we managed the climb in about an hour or so and arrived atop the cliff face dishevelled, but victorious champions of the mountain nonetheless!

All in all, going off track and exploring things that most tourists and hikers rarely see is what Bushwalking’s all about, it was a fantastic trip and everyone involved made it through like a champ!

Cheers Bushwalkers,
Kyle Rowston-Wolcott