Party: Christian, Mei, Rong, Thomas, Dimitri, Frabricio, Clara and friend, Pieter, Katya, Aye and myself (Lilian)
Leader: Lilian
Date: 31/8/2013

Initially 16 members joined, with 3 cancellation and 2 that never gave me a sign. It left one more that accidentally catch the Wollongong train and not Illawarra south line.

Beside that we all made it in time and started our walk down to the creek at Karloo pool, where we had our first break waiting for one more member to join us, mean while at Karloo pool I was the only brave enough to dip in, taking account it was shading and perhaps to early for others. The water was crispy and nice. When the whole group was completely we commenced our walk at the same pace.

Along the way we were able to admire the views of the city and took a group photo before continuing our trail to Uloola Falls where we had our second break in the upper section. Some brave members were brave enough to have a dip just for the photo shots while other enjoyed and relaxed around admiring the sound of the cascading falls.

As we continued our way to Audley along the ridge, it was quite warm till we reached a long rock formation so another photo shot. And admiring the views and all that we had walked.

By the time we reached Audley and had a look at Hacking river it was over crowded so we pressed on to get to Kangaroo Creek along Engadine track where it was more quite and we all enjoyed dipping our hot feet in the crispy water except for Pieter that immersed into the water and others had their lunch and a quick nap.

When it was time to head up back to Heathcote station it was a silent up the hill, pressing on till we got to the fire trail and it was all back to the normal chatting. A total of 15 Km mostly beginners bush walkers a few misunderstood it to be 10km.

Cheers Lilian