Party: Pete Bowers, Helen Smith
Leader: Pete Bowers
Date: 13/7/2013

I had a bad feeling no one would come to this trip . . .

But it was not be.

Helen Smith is studying a PhD in something to do with the bush. She learnt to unicycle a number of years ago and though she hadn’t ridden for quite a while she was willing to have crack at a pretty intense mountain bike track.

So Helen, me and some guys random guys from the Northern Beaches Unicycle Club jumped on our wheels and headed out into the bush around Manly Dam.

The steep downhill sections were fun and got the adrenaline pumping. And heartbreak hill got the blood pumping. Helen rode well, particularly given her experience.

We finished the 10km track safe and happy. Though Helen had bloody shins and I had bloody knees.

We’ll remember protective gear next time.

-Pete Bowers