Party: Wisam pauls, Mathilde Blanvillain, Kari Greensweg, Martin Hoser, Claire Renelier, Iris Bleach, Dulamrahchaa (Duka) Tumurbaataatar, Daniel Bryant, Diana Kessler, Essi Salavirta, Peggy Huang
Leader: Peggy Huang
Date: 20/10/2012

The later start time was great for a weekend sleep in, however, the trade-off was the crowded spaces and long lines. Additional bus services from Bondi Junction train station to Bondi Beach was running on the day, however, this could not keep up with the demand. The queue was about 30 m long. A few of us chose to do the 3km journey to Bondi beach by foot.

It took a while for everyone to meet up. There were a number of exchange students and they were very happy to take this opportunity to have a look at Bondi beach. As expected, the walk was most crowded where the sculptures were located from Bondi to Tumarama beach. We passed many well known places such as the Waverly cemetery and Bronte Beach.

The walked finished at Coogee beach, 6km away from Bondi beach. Thanks everyone who attended for an enjoyable day of relaxed walking, great scenery, interesting sculptures, and great company.


SUBW Vice President