Participants: Lilian, Peggy, Joan, Eva, Andrew, Jeremy, Michael, Cameron and Cathy
Leader: Cathy
Date: 7/10/2012

With extensive trackwork affecting much of the Cityrail network over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout for this trip. The first challenge of course being to navigate through the ‘rabbit warren’ of Central Station and find the bus stop for the South Coast line. With this achieved we had an exclusive group bus on route to Otford.

You will be pleased to know that on this occasion the ‘Gourmet Walker’ skipped a visit to the Otford Pie Shop preferring to make an early start on the 26km hike.

We stopped several times along the first hill in order to take photos of the fantastic road that wind around the coastline and admired the wild surf. We further ambled along through the Palm Jungle noting the great changes in the environment.

We pushed on to Garie Beach and found the only patch of shade available under the Surf Club awning. Lots of glares we’re given by the Surf Club Members as they headed to the adjacent toilets. The sun was fairly hot though and it was a great relief to sit in the shade.

The next section of this walk always seems like such a drag… And this occasion was no exception. Walk, walk, walk and some more walking and FINALLY we reached Wattamolla. We wandered down to the lagoon and watched the dare devils diving from the rockface. OMG they are so brave!!!! No chances I’d ever take that leap. We enjoyed lunch and lamingtons while the daredevils  entertained us.  Unfortunately we were all too ‘chicken’ to go for a swim, I put my feet in but it was reasonably cold. Maybe next time?

With high seas at Marley we dodged waves as we ran across the shore, eventually having to remove shoes to cross one section- except for a couple who demonstrated talent with rock hopping between waves.

We spent the final leg of the walk searching for Lilian’s favourite cheesecake shaped rock. With every section of white rock we would look for this landmark and eventually found it not far from Bundeena. A great photo opportunity!

Finally we reached the sandy path that leads to Bundeena’s township. We considered a drink at the RSL, but with time constraints decided on buying an icecream or beverage at the local IGA instead. Oh, except for one member of the group who settled on the healthy option of hot chips- any guesses who?????

We had a rough ride on the 6pm ferry over to Cronulla and a basically express bus back to Central. With good byes said, we headed our separate ways to soak sore feet in bathtubs across the city.

For anyone considering walking Otford to Bundeena, I suggest now is a particularly good time to go. The weather is very desirable, hot on the exposed track, but we were fortunate to be walking on a reasonably cool day. The wildflowers are also out at the moment which added to the beauty of the occasion.

I apologise to the people that I suggested needed to build up their fitness prior to attempting this walk. I realise that there have been very few beginner friendly walks recently and will advertise an easy walk to Karloo Pool in a couple of weeks. I suggest the beginners I knocked back for Otford- Bundeena register for this trip.

Thank you to all the walkers for a brilliant day.

Happy walking!
Cathy Stansbury