Party: Wisam, Jessica, Siva, Claire, Trang, Albert, Joan, Gerado, Eric, Mathilde, Peggy
Leader: Peggy
Date: 26/10/2012

Q Station at Manly has the reputation of being one of Australia’s most haunted sites.

From 1830s to 1984 the Quarantine station was used to process migrant ships suspected of carrying passengers and crew with contagious disease.

This trip was attended by a variety of people from first timers to the very experienced.

Many night walkers had very entertaining Halloween dress ups. We had Dr Evil, a demon, evil clown and plenty of witches. The dress up turned many heads as we walked past many busy pubs from Manly wharf to Q station.

During the walk we stopped by a wharf in Q station to enjoy the night views out to the water. Wisam got out his red bull and Vodka and prepared a mix for everyone. We also demonstrated a few parkour moves throughout the night. There was plenty of candy going around. We must of had at least 2-3 kg of lollies and Tim Tams between the 11 of us.

The only thing that was as abundant as the lollies and laughs were the pranks. Many night walkers would hide and pop out of the bushes, around corners, below the stairs, and even a water tank! (that was probably the scariest, and most committed stunt). There were also possums running around doing some of the scaring. We made plenty of stops throughout the night to share the history of Q station and the very sad stories of some of the events that happened there in the past. Our group was probably the most energetic bunch there, we even caught the attention of ghost tour participants who paid good money for what we were doing for free.

Towards the end of the walk, we passed a mysterious building that some of us suspected of being haunted. We sat outside the building. On several occasions we heard noises coming from inside the house. Firstly, no one took notice of the noise, it was only on repeated occasions that we started to investigate. Initially, we suspected that it was a group member playing yet another prank on us. But this wasn’t the case. We decided to keep moving and leave the premises and get on our way, however, some night walkers were super keen to go back and keep investigating the building, to find some explanation for the noises. They thought it might be a speaker playing the noise (ie not people or ghost in the building) but we didn’t find any speakers, some people even looked under the building!

The ferry ride on the way back was probably one of the best muck ups on the night. We planned a play + flash mob to “entertain” other ferry riders.
Here’ what went down:

  • Wisam (dressed as a zombie with blood all over his chest) walked to a crowded place in the ferry, holds on to his chest in pain, collapses and dies
  • Eric (dressed as a civilian) follows in fear, tries to help Wisam and calls out ” I think he needs help, is there a doctor here?!?”
  • Jessica (dressed as Dr Evil) runs towards Wisam, frantically waving her hands around and shouts “Wait !! I’mmm a Doctooor!!!”
  • Siva (dressed as an Evil clown) comes in to the scene with his mobile phone “Wait! I’ve got the remedddyyyy!!” plays Gangnam style from his mobile
  • Wisam hears the music and wakes up, gets up, and starts to dance
  • Everyone from our group joins in the Gangnam style dance in a circle.
  • We then make a dancing train and take our Gangnam style all around the ferry. At the end of the song, we all dropped dead.

We also meet a group of young blokes who dressed as demons, we made friends with them by dancing Gangnam style with them.

After a very eventful ferry trip, we had ice cream back at Circular Quay wharf…yet another sugar hit!

An excellent night of laughs, jokes, ghost stories, pranks, and sugar sugar.Thanks to all who attended, it was such a great and energetic group that got on incredibly well with each other. And congratulations to Siva who won the prize (a lolly bag) for the best ghost story of the night. (which actually included true stories from his own experience)

Peggy Huang
SUBW Vice President