Trip Report- Wentworth Falls Ladders Walk 9th July

Participants- Tristan, Tee and Cathy

Well I believe this is officially the smallest SUBW group I have ever taken on a trip. Possibly the suggestion that those with fears of heights may not enjoy the day put some off, however with our speedy group of three we managed to have a fantastic day!

Tristan and I met on the train from Sydney, where unfortunately we were too noisy for a fellow passenger. Apparently the first and last carriages on the Blue Mountains trains are now quiet carriages and this drunk and possibly drugged passenger took exception to our somewhat quiet conversation. The disturbed passenger had already told a German couple to move which they did so compliantly, however Tristan and I decided to stand our ground. After much verbal abuse the disturbed passenger announced unless we were to shut up then he would punch us in the head. I told him that he was going too far with such a threat and that I was considering pressing the emergency button to alert the guard. By now we had a carriage full of amused passengers (all quietly talking I might add). Another passenger came down to support me and the guard was informed of the issue. Much to everyone’s amusement the Transit Officers were actually on the train and escorted our friend off the service at Penrith. At last WE could have a QUIET carriage….

At Wentworth Falls we were reunited with the German couple who were also heading to Wentworth Falls. They joined us on our trip to the German Bakery and over to the Charles Darwin track. At Wentworth Falls station we also met up with the energetic Tee.

We walked down the Charles Darwin track to the National Pass. There was a huge bus group on the National Pass which we were constantly trying to keep ahead of as they ranged greatly in ability levels. Overlooking the valley we stopped to talk to some members of another bushwalking club who were interested in our plans for the day. They suggested the Hippocrene Track was worth a look.

We turned off the National Pass to climb down the ladders. This was quite quick and painless for us three and walked to the bottom of Wentworth Falls. As I had never been to this section of the falls I was quite impressed with the swimming hole at the bottom (Can’t wait for summer!)

Here we turned onto the Wentworth Pass. Again a track that was new to me. This track was fairly quiet with us only meeting a couple of other walkers, such a change from the National Pass which is always crowded with tourists.

We decided to have lunch at Vera Falls which meant following part of the Hippocrene Track. It was gorgeous sitting at the top of the falls, but incredibly slippery so we sat down and ate. From here we decided that the Hippocrene Track looked pretty clear regardless of the signage that only experienced walkers should attempt it due to the lack of NPWS maintenance. It was actually marked by pink strings on trees and some yellow markers. We had no trouble following the trail and were rewarded with seeing the gorgeous Hippocrene Falls and having the whole track to ourselves.

By the time we arrived back at the base of the Wentworth Falls it was about 3pm and as we were still in the valley the light was fading quickly. We decided to travel back along the Wentworth Pass instead of climbed the ladders, but in retrospect it may have been better going back up the ladders to complete the National Pass. We were soon in the Valley of the Waters which was now tourist free due to the lateness. Tee took some photos which I’m sure will be amazing as the light in the afternoon seemed just perfect.

Arriving at Conservation Hut we took the ShortCut Track back to the Picnic Area and walked back through Wentworth Falls township arriving back at the station for the 5.36pm train.

Thanks to Tee and Tristan for being excellent walking companions.