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TRIP REPORT: 17/18March 2012 Blue Gum Forest

PARTY: Lisa J, Ulla H, Mary M


After almost a month my memories of this walk are a bit blurred plus they keep mixing up with flashes of other walks I’ve done in the meantime. A few things I think I remember though:

It was my dear friend Lisa’s last walk in the Aussie bush before leaving for good for the cold Sweden (why did you go there Lisa?!?! I still don’t get it..)

Ulla, Lisa and myself set off from Evan’s lookout in a misty afternoon – the only thing you could see was a white wall – Lisa and I almost managed to convince Ulla that underneath the fog there were the 3 sisters.

We had a nice fast-ish walk down to junction rock and then to Acacia flat campsite.

We were welcomed by BILLIONS of mozzies (and 1 leech) which kept me awake all night under my fly tent – I so regret taking it on this walk.

Had some jaffles for breakfast 🙂

Enjoyed our lunch at the bottom of the Bridal Veil falls – what an awesome part of the world!

Came across a rather cranky girlfriend and a “shit, I’m sorry, it’s not my fault if it is so steep and wet” boyfriend. We reckon they split up after the walk.

Lisa gave her beloved billy to Ulla at the end of the walk – what a moment!

Enjoyed a beer at the pub 🙂

A few mozzie bites and a pair of sore legs made the perfect souvenir for Lisa to take with her to Sweden. All the best Lisa!