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Trip Report – Blue Breaks Walk – 24-29 Sept 2011

Party – Tim Vollmer, Peter Brotherhood, Dave Noble

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We started out on Saturday morning from Kanangra Walls in thick mist. The mist continued along Gingra Range and we eventually dropped below it as we descended to the Kowmung River via Roots Ridge. We arrived at the river around 11am and after a bit of photo-pfaffing we climbed up to Mt Fell on Scotts Main Range for lunch. Our plan was to head towards Lacy’s Tableland and then Bimlow Tableland. So we continued north along Scotts Main and then descended through some scrub to Butchers Creek.

We then noticed two things – no water in the creek and a lot of recent damage to the creek flats by feral pigs. We walked downstream, a bit concerned about finding water. Eventually we found a small pool and were lucky to find a reasonable campsite nearby. During the night it rained a lot and it continued raining all the second day. Despite this – the creek was still dry! However – we changed out plans and decided to seek refuge in the Catholic Bushies Huts further along Scotts Main Range. So it was back out through the scrub, and then another fire trail bash – in very wet and cold conditions. We arrived at the empty huts for a late lunch. One of the huts is unlocked and passing bushwalkers are welcome to stay in bad weather. We were grateful! We dried ourselves next to a nice fire and didn’t move too much during the afternoon as the rain came down outside.

The rain cleared in the night and on day 3 we set off for the northern parts of Broken Rock Range. So it was back down to Butchers Creek – this time there were big pools of water. Then a climb through scrub to Turd Hill, which is very steep and very aptly named. From there it was a short walk to Broken Rock Range. The tops are quite scrubby and the walking is not too fast – but the views are sensational. During that day we walked south and set up camp on a nice ledge close to the rim on the thin bit of the range. We enjoyed a nice sunset and a misty sunrise the next morning. An early start took us to Mt Broken Rock and past more views to the southern end. The decent is via the “Cliffs of Dirt” – a quite steep section of the ridge. Fortunately we could hang onto small bushes. Unfortunately, most of these were prickly!

Back down to Butchers Creek – more pig damage and no water. This time it was not too far to a a good pool. We filled up containers and headed onto the ridge to look for a campsite. We found a nice flat section under ironbark trees and had a good evening. Most days on the trip – we ended up going to bed before 8:30pm and this encouraged us to get early starts. The next morning we did start off early as bad weather was forecast – and we hoped to get to the Kowmung River before any rain.

On the Kowmung – we scouted up Gingra Creek a bit looking for trout. We did find a pool with some in – but most were fairly small. We then walked up the Kowmung – heading to Ferny Flat to camp. Again – pig damage to the banks was abundant all the way up the river.

At Ferny Flat we had another wet night – and then a cold windy day as we headed back to Kanangra Walls. We walked fast – hoping got get to the Half Way House at Hampton for lunch. Peter had been running short on food for the last few days – having supplemented his meagre rations with a few billies of stinging nettles he had cooked up. My tales of catching trout in Gingra Creek not being realised I think made him hungrier…. and he talked about having three willy burgers at the pub. As it turned out we did make it to the pub by lunchtime and we did have a good counter meal each (and Peter only had one of the willy burgers, but then topped up at Blackheath and Katoomba bakeries…..)

Despite some trying weather – we had a good walk. Thanks to Tim and Peter for the great company along the way.