Trip Report- Taronga to Manly – Sun 10th July

Participants- Anne, Chee, Meg, Luke, Lisa, Lilian, Danielle, Dimitri, Ben and Cathy.

Well nine eager, but equally cold walkers met at the Circular Quay Ferry Terminal a little before 9am this morning to embark upon a journey to the other side AKA The North Shore. We alighted at Taronga Zoo and ambled up the road, successfully identifying our first path and off we went. After about 10mins of gentle walking did I notice that infact our group had now swelled to ’10’ with the arrival of Dimitri.

Bacino’s Kiosk was the groups first point of interest- with a brief stop for coffee and treats.

A goregous view kept us entranced with many good photo opportunities of the harbour. We look forward to hopefully seeing some of Anne’s creative shots at a slide night in the near future.

A couple of short stops for snacks at quaint beaches along the way and lots of chatter from a friendly bunch of walkers.

We stopped for lunch at a little beach on the other side of Spit Bridge and chattered for a short while, before realising that our group had shrunk to 8. Ooops!!!! We lost TWO!!!!! Poor Meg and Luke deeply engaged in conversation had missed the turn off we had taken for lunch and we didn’t catch up again until Manly.

We arrived at Manly at 2.30pm, much earlier then I expected since WildWalks had suggested it would take 8hours. Now reunited with Meg and Luke we headed to the pub. A number of beers consumed and the day reviewed we said our ‘Good byes’ to the locals of the North Shore and the rest caught the ferry back to the Quay.

If that wasn’t enough beer, then Ben, Chee, Luke, Anne and Cathy paid a short visit to the Mercantile in the Rocks.

And if this still wasn’t enough entertainment for one day, then on the way back to the station, Chee and I saw Lady Gaga outside the Four Seasons Hotel.

So moral to the story IF you want to have a long walk, on a good day, with lots of beer and visits to coffee shops and possibly the chance to glimpse a superstar THEN you’ll just have to come join us next time.

Thanks for a great day guys- hope to see you next walk. Cathy Stansbury