Participants: Chris and friend, Svitlana, Bruce, Eva, Diana and Cathy

We started the day with a quick train ride from Sydney (chatting all the way).

We arrived at Glenbrook Station and headed straight for the promised bakery. Delicious coffees, cakes and biscuits consumed by all while we enjoyed the sunshine in Glenbrook Park.

At 10am we officially started walking. We checked out the gorgeous Jelly Bean Pool and contemplated a swim. Shame about the ‘No diving’ sign- surely the only thing stopping us.

We trudged back up the hill towards the National Park entry and then back down another road to the Causeway Crossing.

We scooted along to the Red Hands Cave and marvelled at the age of the artworks. We had lunch in the nearby picnic area.

After lunch we checked out some axe groovings beside the creek, the water had finally got the better of Svitlana when her foot slipped in. Thank goodness for packing clean socks.

Finished the day with a steep climb back up to the National Parks entry.

Of course back to the bakery for final goodies.

Thanks to everyone for such a lovely day- hopefully you’ll come walking with me again (Red Hands was the first walk I’ve led)

Cathy Stansbury