Saturday:Peter Bjrkman, Gemma Kwan, Sacha, Stephanie, Alex, Faustina, Alexei, Steph, Cecilia, Melanie

Catching the 9.18am train from Central, we arrived at Wentworth Falls station shortly after 11 and set off walking down the Charles Darwin track. The weather was sunny and pleasant for walking, there was ample time to appreciate the views before descending down the falls along the National Pass.

Progress was fairly quick, with the track having recently been significantly upgraded over the past few years. After lunch we began the ascent via Empress Falls where, as usual, a large commercial group of canyoners were abseiling from the top of the waterfall. We came out at the Conservation Hut at about 3pm and continued on back towards the village, stopping off at the Grand View for a couple of beers before getting the train back to Sydney.


Didi, Stephanie, David Pita, Jin Lau, Melissa, Nazih, Julie Melrose, Kiwi Dave

After several people pulling out in the morning, we had a group of eight plus another lost looking person we found at Bundeena wharf and invited to join us.

We set out towards the Coast track hoping the weather would hold out despite the increasing cloud cover. Unfortunately by the time we reached the cliffs overlooking the ocean it began to drizzle with a light wind. Pressing on regardless, we made it to Marly beach where we managed to squeeze into a small rock overhang where we had lunch as the rain began to increase. After lunch we continued to Little Marly where a few members of the group braved the elements for a quick swim before we turned around and made our way back to Bundeena. A few hot drinks where consumed and wet clothing replaced as we waited for the Ferry to arrive.

All in all it was an enjoyable day despite the weather.

Thanks to everyone who came along for a good weekend.