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Trip Report – Xmas Walk to the Coxs River and Dalpura Canyon

Many of the people in the party visited Dalpura Canyon on the way to Blackheath

Dalpura Canyon

Party – Albert, Kim, Alicia, Mary, Wendy, Pete H, Peter B, Nazih, Helen, Joan, Nigel, Jessica, Ricarda, Lana, Tom, Pauline, Jamal, Dave, Armando, James, Warner, Rob and Dave N

Photos –


We met up at North Richmond outside the bakery and then the convoy of cars travelled to near Bell where we met up again and got gear ready for a shot daytrip down the canyon. The start of the track was hard to find. It was a little overgrown and vague after recent bushfires. But is was not too bad and the big party made fast progress to the creek and soon got into the canyon section. This starts with a short abseil into a pool. With a large party – and not enough harnesses – we had to pass gear back up the rope a few times. A few of the party became impatient and decided to jump down the drop. Thanks to Albert (Al-Bear) for helping everyone with clipping on the rope and Rob and Lana for some bottom belaying.

After the abseil, we continued down the canyon – including a few wades (and no swims) – to reach the end of the canyon where the creek flows into the Grose Valley. Here the party enjoyed some nice views (although some enjoyed them for too long……) and then we headed up onto a nice pagoda for lunch. Then back along the ridge through a sea of wildflowers – back to the Bell Rd and the cars.

Then we drove to Bell and Blackheath and down to the Megalong Valley for the second part of the trip –

Xmas Walk to the Coxs

Party – Albert, Kim, Alicia, Mary, Wendy, Pete H, Peter B, Nazih, Helen, Joan, Nigel, Jessica, Ricarda, Lana, Tom, Pauline, Jamal, Dave, Armando, Warner, Rob, Ashley, Jo, Ben, Tom G, Adrian, Roger, Audrey, Digi Dave, Robert S, Lou Lou and 2 friends (Seamus and ?), Greg and Dave N

Photos –


It took about an hour from the SixFoot Track car park in Megalong Valley to reach the campsite on the Coxs River. Most of the party reached the campsite around 5 – 6 pm. Then it was decision time – a cool beer or a cool swim? Roger solved the problem by cracking open a beer ad taking it with him while he had a swim. The water in the river was very pleasant for swimming but the water level could have been higher. It was lot higher than it was two years earlier but far lower than it was last year. One party member claimed it was a bit like the level back in 93, but I thought it was more like the 87 level. But one thing that was different – was that this year there was a crocodile in the pool as well as a dalmatian (see the photos…) This time – many of us in the party warned Armando – not to dive in head first. He seemed happy to follow this advice (there seems to be no permanent brain damage after an incident a few years ago…..)

Then it was time to sit by the fire and prepare food. A large platter was available for people to contribute to and enjoy and it was well received. As were Kim’s chocolate balls that she provided for dessert. Food was washed down with some fine wines. Wendy celebrated twenty years in Australia with some champagne (which we kept cool on ice) – and then Roger L pulled out his twenty year bottle of Bin 389…. so it was a very good night.

Lots of people joined in singing songs – including a long rendition of the Wild West Show (including some new verses ….”in this corner ladies and gentlemen is the Monkey…” and we saw in midnight with a spirited performance of the “National Anthem”. After that – no more singing – it was time for the “traditional” midnight swim – which many of the party took part in…… (thankfully the water was not too cold)

On Sunday morning we all woke early (around 9am!) and enjoyed jaffles by the fire, more swimming, photographing, reading the paper etc. Ashley was pleased to meet up with his old mate Rogo who wandered past on a bushwalk. Most of the party left in the early afternoon. On the way out, some of us met up with Fester, who was in SUBW in Roger’s day many years ago.

Thanks to all those who came along and made it such a fun trip.

Dave Noble