Tom Murtagh
Dave Lee
Nicole St Vincent Welch
Ashley Burke
James Bevan
Helen Smith
Roger Lembit
Peter Berbee
Murray Gibbs
Ben Kong
Jo Boyd
Peter Raines
Gabrielle Turner
Rob Hynes
Nazih Chamas
Mariacristina Merlo

(i hope i’ve remembered everyone..)

As usual, most people made the drive out to Kanangra Walls on the friday evening to set up camp a short way down the Uni Rover Trail. Unfortunately the weather was not looking particularly promising and some quite heavy rain at one stage during the night which saw a few people (myself included) running from under flies to the less comfortable but more secure shelter offered by the interior of a car.

With rain still about in the morning, we drove the short distance out to the walls and began walking. By the time we reached the Coal-seam cave the fog and drizzle had now transformed into a solid downpour of rain. Some navigational issues followed shortly after, during which most of the party, myself included, started proceeding down the Gingra Range trail instead of the Bullhead Ridge trail. After much shouting and confusion in the pouring rain, we eventually regrouped and, thanks to Ashley, set of in the right direction.

We were later to find out that due to some extremely unlucky timing, Roger Lembit manged to pass us after a late start, without being aware he had done so. This was rather unfortunate for Roger as it meant he proceeded down to the Kowmung and up to the campsite we had originally planned to camp at on the saturday night, and here spent the night alone. Our group however, only made it down to the junction of Christie’s Ck before deciding to stop and set up camp for the night.

The campsite here was surprisingly free of weeds, however we still struggled to find space to fit all of the tents and flies alongside the banks of the Kowmung. Huey continued to send down a few showers during the evening, though no-one seemed to mind too much, helped of course by the seeming abundance of wine and beer. At some stage a few song books were brought out and this led on to quite an extensive rendition of The Wild West Show and the usual midnight anthem.

On Sunday, several people made an early departure to get back to Sydney whilst the rest of us made our way up to the campsite south of Broken Point via some steep ridges. Arriving around lunchtime, we found Roger waiting and subsequently pieced together what had occurred the previous day. The weather had improved slightly and with plenty of flat ground available, the volleyball net was erected for a brief stint of play during the afternoon.

Monday, we made a relatively early departure, ascending Murdoch’s spur and continuing along the Boyd ranges back to the Uni Rover Trail. The sun shone briefly by the time we reached the main plateau, as we stopped to appreciate the views from Lost Rock back towards the Kowmung and Mt Colong. Another 45 minutes and we were all back at the cars, making a stop at the Halfway House before heading back towards Sydney.

Thanks to everyone came along and helped make this an enjoyable trip.