Party: Lise Marie Andersen, Tom Murtagh, Robert Stevens, Pete Harvey

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My plans of doing a weekend trip to Galong Creek didn’t end up coming to fruition (not for the first time), and so instead a small group of us set out for what turned out to be a fairly leisurely day walk. After meeting at Strathfield station on Sunday morning we drove to Faulconbridge and out to the locked gate on Grose Rd. The walk out to the end of the ridge took about an hour and a half. There are some excellent views from here looking down into the Grose river valley. Returning about 1km back along the fire trail, we took the side track which leads down to the river. The track was in good nick and after some easy rock scrambling we reached the river in time for lunch and a swim. On returning, we arrived back at the car with plenty of time to stop off at the Lapstone Hotel for some cold beers before returning to Sydney. Thanks to those who came along for an enjoyable day of bushwalking.

Pete Harvey