TRIP REPORT: Geehi River Aqueduct Trail, Kosciuszko NP

On January 19th Adrian Blake and I drove down to the Geehi to have a look at some of the aqueduct intake stations. Our primary reason for this trip however was to search for the northern end of the “Goat Track”, which siddles around the Watsons Crags Spur from Siren Song Portal to Crags Creek Portal. The regrowth after the bushfires of January 2003 was so thick that we were unable to find any clues as to the whereabouts of the track. It was a very wet walk, with Huey dumping down the full eight inches… We did get some magnificent views though of the north face of Watsons Crags, and in the distance we could just see Reinhold Echidna as he scaled up those precipitous cliff faces.


Mr G