Party: Myself, Martine, Diane, Ange, Roberta, Nasim, Javad, Ali, Paul, the girl up the back in the red shirt whose name I can’t remember, and that girl’s brother.

Short version: Very easy walk, nice swim… What a great day 🙂

Long version: We started late out of respect for Boxing Day, and did the easiest walk I could find within an hour’s drive of my house – starting with the Challenger track at Kuringai Chase NP (which wasn’t at all challenging), then the Flint & Steel track first to F&S bay and then to F&S beach (also very easy). We ate lunch at the beach – no jaffles or Hammer ‘n’ Tongs, but plenty of Christmas leftovers, and of course the obligatory cheese platter. Then some sunbaking (for those who tan)… or shade skulking (for me) and a very lovely swim before walking back to the cars.

It was great to have four people on this walk who had never before set foot on a bush track. Three of them were converted to the joys of bushwalking – it was great to see the looks on their faces as they emerged from the trees to see Flint & Steel beach – absolutely priceless! Sadly though, one of them found it all a bit too much and never wants to go again… Ah well – 3 out 4 isn’t too bad!!

I hope you’ve all had a very happy and safe Chrissy!