Su Li
Tom G

We set off on saturday morning, stopping at the North Richmond bakery where we discussed options and settled on a plan to head to deep pass and camp there for the night.

The afternoon consisted of a walk up deep pass canyon itself then a stint of abseiling practice before beer o clock A post wedding party including several other subw members gradually made their way down to the campsite during the late afternoon and set up a short distance away. And so the evening went something like this: we drank, we ate, and discussed the number of useful things one can do with a jaffle iron (about 105 as it turns out). Tom G also told us of the story about a guy called moses, who it turns out climbed mount sinai in a pair of dunlop volleys. Apparently the story is based on the first historical documentation of this remarkable peice of footwear design. Someone then muttered something about having had enough to drink and going to bed, then staggered off in the vague direction of a tent.

Sunday morning we awoke to some light rain. This soon eased up and we decided to try our luck with twister and rocky creek canyons. After driving to the carpark, the drizzle began to set in again as we embarked on the short walk into the first canyon. By the time we reached the start of Rocky creek Lois had come a long way towards overcoming her fear of jumping into water from heights. Freezing cold, we climbed out of the canyon and followed a rough track back to towards the carpark. At about his point Huey decided to let rip with a solid downpour. At the cars we got changed and ate a late lunch before heading back to Sydney.

Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable weekend.

Hope to see you next time,