Trip Report – Xmas Walk to Coxs River 8 – 9 Dec 07

Party – Peter, Tom “Mr G” G, Dave L and Nicole, Greg and Kate, Rob H, Roger L, Marina, Su Li, Maria, Jo B, Ashley and Ann(e?), Albert and Kim, Lou Lou and Mitch, James B, Dave N

Photos –

Some of us (Peter, Mr G and myself) visited the Grand Canyon at Blackheath on the way up. See photos –

Then we went down Megalong Valley – where we met up with Marina, Su Li, Rob and Maria for the walk in. Once at the campsite we found Dave Lee and Nicole settled in. Gradually during the rest of the afternoon – the rest of the party arrived. The water in the river was at a healthy level – heaps higher than last year. We did lots of swimming and some lilo’d the rapids. When evening came – we built up a good camp fire and a lot of fine food was shared. A large nachos was whipped up by Kate and Greg and later Dave and Nicole cooked a fine roast turkey. Lou Lou produced a large bad of pistachio nuts which were passed around (although, later apparently, Roger preferred somebody else’s bag of nuts….) The food was washed down with fine beers and wines.

At midnight, after the national anthem, many of us returned to the river for a last swim…… in the minimal manner one could say – and Lou Lou’s T shirt got the flick…..

Next morning – we woke up bright and early for more swimming while Marina cooked up a batch of banana pancakes.

Most of us left around lunch time for the walk out.

Another pleasant weekend.