Party: Marcelle, Cameron, Marina, Eva, Neil, Martin, Kim, Asmond.

The plan: Walk down as many steps as possible, then walk back up them all again! This trip isn’t so much about ‘walking’ in the bush as it is admiring the ridiculous tracks that have been built in the area, most just hanging off the side of the cliffs.

The mountains put on an absolutely super day for us – about 17 degrees, and beautifully sunny – perfect walking weather. It was so clear we could see the city from Wentworth Falls station! We all met on the train, arriving at Wentworth Falls at 10am, ready to hit the bakery 🙂 Loaded with coffee and poppy-seed danishes we headed off down Darwin’s walk to the falls. This is a remarkably pretty little stroll, especially with all the water that was flowing. Most of the party were very pleasantly surprised to see the valley open up as we rounded a corner towards the cliff edge. It was a very windy day, so windy in fact that at times Wentworth Falls appeared to be flowing upwards not downwards!

With everyone sufficiently sprayed with water, we headed along the (new and improved) National Pass track. It now has solid sandstone steps and unbreakable handrails. Quite an improvement on the old goat-track with star-pickets! We then walked down Slacks Stairs which were not stairs, but ladders. We followed the track near Jamison Creek down to the heavily flowing Hippocrene Falls for lunch, then climbed over a few fallen trees to reach Vera Falls (and collected a few golf balls!) then followed the track up to the top of Vera Falls where we took turns peeking over the edge. Finally we hauled ourselves up to Empress Falls via a number of suitably spectacular waterfalls and got back to the conservation hut, then walked back to the train.

A top day out, especially if walking down and then up thousands of steps is your idea of fun! Thanks to everyone who came for your good conversation and enthusiasm. If you’re a fan of waterfalls, I highly recommend this walk – especially at the moment, as there’s plenty of water flowing.