Riders: David Brunetta, Nichol Hill, Matt, Albert Chetcuti.

The weather wasn’t looking fantastic for this Anzac Day ride along the Oaks trail from Woodford to Glenbrook. We started at Glenbrook, where we squeezed onto the 8:23 am train along with 10-15 other mountain biker. We arrived at Woodford just before 9:00. It was overcast but fortunately it wasn’t raining. After a few hundred metres of bitumen riding we reached the start of the Oaks trail. The recent rain which had soaked the city meant the trail was wet, muddy and slippery.

The first section involves a whole series of short sections of rocky up hills and down hills. A few of the up hills sections had to be walked, as constant wheel spin was helping the cause. There was one up hill section that seemed to go on and on forever. We reached the top and stopped for a quick bite to eat, before continuing. The trail continues with one steep down hill section (its sign posted as a speed hump) that was a bit technical in the wet and slippery conditions. This was following by my favourite part, a very long high speed down hill run which leads to the road. While cruising along at 37 kph, I was overtaken by other riders going at full speed!

We cruised at good speed along the dirt road, watching out for cars before reaching the sealed down hill run leading to Glenbrook Creek causeway. All that was left was the very steep and slow ride back up to the gate. We reached the national park gate at about 11:30, 26 km from the start.

We regrouped at the Glenbrook bakery (highly recommended) for some coffee and sausage rolls, before the long journey back home.

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A great morning ride.

Lest We Forget.

Albert 🙂