Kanangra To Katoomba in Three Days

by David Thurstun

It was typical Blackheathean weather drizzle, mist and gale force winds. A nice way to start a trip. I squeezed my pack into FOG’ s car, jumped into the General’s deluxe staff car and we were off to Kanangra. After stumbling down to Coal seam cave in the dark, we stopped for the night.

The next morning saw us down at the Kowmung. Dave was eager to cross the Axeheads by the afternoon, we were just eager for breakfast. Huey was heating up by the time we climbed Bulga Cone. We paused briefly to admire the view and some Aboriginal sharpening grooves before rushing off to the Cookem Highway and on to lunch.

The afternoon raced by as we climbed onto the Axeheads. We stopped to fully appreciate the view of Byrnes Gap Hut. Scrambling over rocks and taking lots of photos we eventually found a campsite near a large rock platform. From the platform we could see the Broken Rock range, mighty Vengeance Peninsula and on the horizon the lights of Katoomba. Dave pointed out Mt Broken Rock, our destination for tomorrow. It was a small bump on the horizon.

Not surprisingly, we had an alpine start, messing around in the dark and staring in awe at the sunrise. Sally, FOG and Serge were going to head back to the verdant banks of the Kowmung and then back on to their car at Kanangra. Having no car Dave, Mr Bean and I headed for the nearest train station, Katoomba.

In between Katoomba station and the Axeheads we crossed Vengeance Peninsula, walked down Greenwattle Creek, spotted a dead turtle, climbed the cliffs of dirt, traversed Broken Rock range, rolled gibbers, passed Turd Hill, had morning tea at the Bowling Green, bashed a bit more of the Cookem Highway, swam in the Coxs, went through Medlow Gap and climbed on to Narrow Neck.

My feet were aching as we pressed on past the fire tower. Mr. Bean decided it was time for a run and he sped off into the distance. The gate came and went, the pub got closer. A car roared round the corner, full of people and gear and skidded to a halt.

“Dave Noble, where have you come from?” bellowed the red faced driver. “G’day there Rogo, we’ve just come over from Kanangra,” replied Dave. What, in three days! ! You must be getting slow Dave.”

Postscript: Thanks to the General for the generous lift out to Kanangra.