1946 – 1996 – 2046 – ?

SUBW has reached its half-century. Among those who are active in SUBW today, I doubt that there are many sho spend time wondering what they will do to celebrate the century, 50 year hence. The date, 2046, is difficult to come to grips with, and will we even be alive then?

Likewise, I doubt that anyone back in the days when the club came into being spared a thought for the distant golden jubilee, or would have much faith in the survival of the club — or even of bushwalking. After all, we all yearned to acquire wheels and for unrationed petrol to drive them.

But the club has survived, and appreciation of wilderness has grown throughout the community.

On behalf of the originals, let me congratulate the present office-bearers and members, from whom may there be a large roll-up when the celebrations of 2046 came around.

Press On Regardless.

Ian Ross, President 1946-9