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camping+canyoning, beginner friendly, Wollangambe, and WhungeeWhungee or Serendipity

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Date:14/01/2017 - 15/01/2017
Leader:tony (tien) Le
Email:llt14 [replace this stuff with the at symbol] live [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] camping+canyoning, beginner friendly, Wollangambe, and WhungeeWhungee or Serendipity
All canyons are around Mount Wilson areas, which is part of Blue Mountains, and about 130km from Sydney.

All activities and intinerary are weather dependant.

Small Bell rail station is the only public transport, and it is about 35km from campsite.

Wollangambe1 and Wollangambe2 canyons have a lot more: long swimming, fun, relaxing soothing effects, beautiful scenery, and more joy than just intermediate bushwalks. Take your WATERPROOF camera with you.
And, it involves swimming, wading, walking, floating in cold slow flowing water for up to about 4 hours. Rivers are between vertical breath-taking rocky cliffs, with few micro climates spots. We will be jumping into water, rock/boulder scrambling, and bushwalking intermediate level.

As such, it is very important to keep yourself safe, warm and happy.

Please tell me swimming level. You should know swimming.

Whungee Whungee and Serendipity canyons are abseiling canyons, which have stunning rocky formation.

For beginners, we should assess, honestly, together, that you’L should not have any potential problem in my canyoning trips. And, as such, you’L be safely and happily enjoy the trips.

Full body wetsuits is important.

A very "strong day backpacks", and a sturdy dry bag are very important as they form your main floating device. They are "must have items for everyone", regardless your level of swimming skills. Dry bag and many other gears can be borrowed for free from SUBW. Your "strong day backpack" with waist and chest buckles is the best to keep you float comfortably. Please test your dry bag, at home, to see that it works perfectly.

SUBW does not lend the wetsuit, nor Lilo.

So, borrow from friends, or buy them from secondhand/old gears on Ebay, or any secondhand shops such as “Smith Family, Salvo, St. Vincent De paul ….etc.

Lilo is the best for floating, "while having a snack", and at the same time the cold slow water very slowly flows you down stream. And, borrow a dry bag from the club, and put it inside very strong 15+ Litters backpack, to use it as your main floating device, and also storing foods, dried clothes, phones …etc.

At night, there will be a cam-fire will warm us up, as well as cooks our foods and drinks. Car camping at Cathedral of Fern, where it has a lot of rain water tank, and a drop toilet. Rain water tank has a notice that it is "not fit for drinking". Many times, I have been drinking this rain water without any treatment nor boiling. It may be raining, so, bring/share cooking stoves.

The items to bring are: head torches, helmet, strong day backpack, overnight bacpack, foods, 2 litter of water, decent hiking or strong bushwalking shoes, spare dry shoes, extra dry sock and pants to change, shared tent, sleeping bag, air matt, Cold weather clothes and waterproof jacket & pants in case of unexpected showers. Please double check the weather forecasts.

If intend to abseil, please take: harness, helmet, descender, safety sling. You can borrow many gears, including abseiling gears, for free, from "SUBW's Gear Night".

To obtain the gears/equipments for this trip if you don’t own, please sign up, or log into SUBW's website, and go to "Trips, Up Coming Trips ", then, sign on to the trip, namely "Gear Night Thursday 5-6pm”, and email to the gear officers what gears you want.

I have some spare gears which i may be able to lend to you.

Abseiling canyon involves abseiling skills, and i'L teach beginners those useful skills for free. Please tick on the "waiver box" for abseiling. Please tell me if you need to learn this skills.

Sharing car pools are preferred, and as such, one must pay transport costs to the onwner/driver. Or, drive your own cars. You can be, also, picked up at Bell rail station, but this is very inconvenient.

I'L send to everyone in my trip a list of contacts, so everyone can contact directly to each other for organising transport and trip's related issues. Please, SMS to me if you do not want to be on the list.

I have 3 spaces in my car. I may like to have an extra camp-fire on Friday night as well. Please, come for one, or all days days. And, tell me when you come and leave.

Experienced existing members are very welcome, especially if you have a PLB, and willing to assist me to look after other members. More info after sign up. Have a safe n fun trip.
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