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Free beer: PUBW & Adventure Time (Thursday 5pm)

Leader:Konstantin Seiler
Email:list [replace this stuff with the at symbol] kseiler [this one is meant to be a dot] de [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Free beer: PUBW & Adventure Time (Thursday 5pm)
What is PUBW? Well, it's the combination of SUBW and Pub, which means that you can have some free beer while having a chat about the many adventures everyone's been having! It is also a great place to get ideas for new trips.

So come along to Hermann's Bar this Thursday at 5pm. Look for a table that has an SUBW sign on it.

After the beer, we'll move to Stucco for Adventure Time where Sergey Kofanov will give a talk about exciting Alpine-style first accents and rescues. See here for the full details:
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