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Beginner's canyoning, dry-ish non abseil Acoustic, River Caves and Deep Pass canyons, and overnight camping.

Date:20/08/2016 - 21/08/2016
Leader:tony (tien) Le
Email:llt14 [replace this stuff with the at symbol] live [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Beginner's canyoning, dry-ish non abseil Acoustic, River Caves and Deep Pass canyons, and overnight camping.
For safety reasons, and the quality of the trip, this trip's itinerary is weather dependant. So, it can be changed to 27th and 28th August 2016.

You should be fit to, fully, enjoy this trip.

We will be doing Acoustic, River Caves then Deep Pass canyons, respectively.

Meeting point at Bell railway station at 8am. All canyons are about medium/easy grade for bush a walkers.

Acoustic is a short canyon, which has a naturally carved out dom plus a theatre. It may be good for your singing practices, and other canyoners will enjoy your opera singing voices.

In Deep Pass, you will be walking on artistically hanging timber logs, hanging above water, with safe permanent hand lines. So, they may give you amazing feeling like you are walking on top of water. It is the only canyon in the region offering that. As usually, it offers a lot of fun and beautiful scenery for photos.

The River Caves is a short but spectacular canyon in the upper reaches of Budgary Creek. Take camera with you.

Please google them up.

Deep Pass campsite has: very level spacious green areas, drop toilet, endless supply of drinkable water, abundant firewoods, ...etc. At night you can see: some glow worms, wallabys, possums, wombats, ...etc. We will have a big campfire.

From Bell, it is about 1 hour of bumpy dirt road driving. People with 4wd’s, or high clearance Awd’s will be given top preference. Anyone can catch a train to Bell station, then get in a pre-arranged 4wd car.

If catching train, please make sure to stay in the last 2 carriage, and also you must remind to the train driver to stop at Bell.

Weather can change very quickly. So, please bring cold weather clothes, which are made of: wool, polypropylen, spandex, nylon, polyester, ....etc. please no cotton clothes.

The items to bring are: head torches, helmet, strong day backpack, overnight bacpack, foods, 2 litter of water, decent hiking or strong shoes, spare dry shoes, extra dry sock and pants to change, shared tent, sleeping bag, air matt, Cold weather clothes and waterproof jacket & pants in case of unexpected showers, or accidentially slipping into very cold shallow water.

You might be walking in cold water up to knee high, for about 1 minute. In my previous trip, 3rd July, with some snow and ice, 4 people in my trip had preferred, and enjoyed walking with bared feet in freezing water, in Acoustic canyon.

You can borrow many gears for fee. To obtain the gears/equipments for this trip if you don’t own any, please log into SUBW's website, and go to "walks programme", then, sign on to the trip, namely "Gear Night Thursday 5-6pm”, and write to the gear officer what gears you want. You may collect gears from 6pm to 9pm, at the Ledge Climbing Centre, if you pre-arrangement with me. And, you must write to me, ASAP, before Tuesday 16th Aug.

I own several gears sets. Let me know if you need to borrow my owned gears.

At a moment, i have only one 4wd, and we may need at least one more 4wd. A car pool will be organised, and , please, contribute money to the owner/driver.

You must wear safety devices on the trip whenever you are asked to do so.

Your name n telephone will be listed for the purpose of organising car pool. Any objection please let me know. People with 4wd cars, who are willing to take others will be given top preference to join the trip.

More details after signing up.
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