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Sunnyside Ridge Canyons

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Leader:Christopher Sharples
Email:christopher [this one is meant to be a dot] sharples92 [replace this stuff with the at symbol] gmail [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Sunnyside Ridge Canyons
Hey folks,

I'm planning to visit Sunnyside Ridge (on Newnes Plateau) this weekend for some short dry-ish canyons. The canyons we do will depend on the conditions on the day, and includes:

1) Zorro Canyon - has about 3 abseils and one wade of knee-waist deep.
2) Acoustic/Sunnyside Canyon - no abseils and you should be able to stay dry (unless you fall in).
3) Pleasant View Canyon - no abseils and should be completely dry.
4) Other canyons on newnes plateau.

Trip reports can be found on fat canyoners if you want spoilers.

To come on this trip you will need to be self sufficient at abseiling (get on rope and down a pitch by yourself) and source all your own personal equipment (including abseiling gear such as harness, helmet, descender). If I haven't canyoned with you before, please let me know of your experience.

Let me know if you are able to drive. Particularly if you have a 4WD because there is a fair amount of dirt road which can be difficult/impassable with a 2WD.

If you have any questions, let me know. We can sort out the remaining details with a long chain of emails.

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