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Larapinta trail

Date:25/08/2016 - 08/09/2016
Leader:Leo Garnac
Email:l [this one is meant to be a dot] garnac [replace this stuff with the at symbol] gmail [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Larapinta trail
My partner and I are planning to do the Larapinta trail, 223km, starting August 25th for about 12 days, max 14. The trail is one way and start or end at Alice Spring, NT. We will hike West to East, it means that the first thing to do will be to take a shuttle to Redbank Gorge, we will take advantage of this to put one resupply box half way.

You can find more details about the trail on the official website

The cost:
- flight tickets to/from Alice Spring
- shuttle to Redbank Gorge, (the price depends of the number of people)
- some campsites have a fee, usually $5 per person
- food

To join this trip you should be self sufficient, have navigation skills and preferably already did over 5 days long trip. We plan to cover 20+km each day and start at dawn to avoid the heat, stop when it becomes to hot and restart when it's possible. You should pack light to carry a lot of water and 6 days of food.

If you have any questions contact me by email.
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