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Relatively, short easy dry canyoning, at Deep Pass and River Cave in Newnes State forest

Leader:tony (tien) Le
Email:llt14 [replace this stuff with the at symbol] live [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Relatively, short easy dry canyoning, at Deep Pass and River Cave in Newnes State forest
This trip is weather dependant, and has small group.

Both canyons are medium/easy to for bush walkers. No abseil.

In Deep Pass, you will be walking on artistically hanging timber logs, above water, with safe permanant hand lines. So, it gives you amazing feeling like walking on top of water. It is the only one. As usually, it offers a lot of fun and beautiful scenery for photos.

You might be walking in cold water up to knee high, for a short distance, in River Cave. Last weekend, 3rd July, with some snow, 4 people in my trip liked to walk bare feet in cold water in Acoustic canyon.

The off road driving is about 40 minutes, and is very bumpy. So, we should drive 4WDs, and 4WD's owners will have highest priority. 2WD may reaches Deep Pass only.

Cold weather clothes are very important. Waterproof jacket & pant are useful just in case of unexpected showers or snow.

To obtain the essential equipment for this trip if you don’t have, please log into SUBW's website, and go to "walks programme", then, sign on to the trip, namely "Gear Night Thursday 5-6pm”, and write to the gear officer what gears you want.

A car pool will be organised, and people can contribute money to the owner/driver.

Your name n telephone will be listed for the purpose of organising car pool. Any objection please let me know.

The essential items to bring are : foods, 2 litter of water, bicycle or canyoning helmets, head torch, gloves, strong backpack, sturdy hiking shoes with good traction as it has some very slippery short sections.

More details after signing up.
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