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An underated canyon near Katoomba

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Leader:Konstantin Seiler
Email:list [replace this stuff with the at symbol] kseiler [this one is meant to be a dot] de [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] An underated canyon near Katoomba
Ever since I read this trip report by Tim ( ) I've been planning to do this little gem myself. So this Saturday it's going to happen.

While it is not really a secret canyon in the Katoomba area it seems to be little known and really good. So I want to check it out and see for myself what everyone is missing out on. Afterwards we are likely to do another short canyon or abseil in the area if time permits.

For this trip you have to have at least intermediate abseiling skills. For me intermediate abseiling skills mean that you are able to get on rope unsupervised and are comfortable to descend without bottom belay.

The canyon involves a swim and a few wades, so wetsuits are not necessary. You must have your own abseiling gear or organise to borrow it from the club.
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