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Pierces Pass Abseiling

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Leader:Tim Fisher
Email:tfisher4 [replace this stuff with the at symbol] gmail [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Pierces Pass Abseiling
This trip is an abseil adventure for those who would like to try something new or more challenging, or have that same rush of adrenalin again. It is an oversized single pitch abseil of 195m height! We will use an industry standard abseil setup with side by side abseil and fall arrest systems.

Our plan is to:
- Have a practise 20m setup nearby for anyone who wants to practise their abseil setup before the big one (abseil on a single 9.5mm line and passing knots on an 11mm fall arrest line).
- We'll have a single continuous 200m length length of 9.5mm Bluewater II rope for the big abseil and, 200m of 11mm for fall arrest/backup made of several lengths of Sterling HTP 11mm

- Your own fall arrest device, harness, descender suitable for single strand 9.5mm, short lengths of prusik cord for autoblock / self belay and ascending, or mechanical ascenders. Also bring a safety line/cows tail and a helmet.
- Previous abseil and ascending experience

- Ropes or anything for anchors, I'll provide these.

The trip is now marked as full with 7 attendees. If there is anyone who really wants to come please send me a message for extras or waiting list!
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