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Kia ora Adventure Timers!

Our next Adventure time event will be operating on Thursday 7th April at Stucco Housing Co-op - 197 Wilson St, Newtown.

This time our speakers are Gemma Woldendorp and Greg Mortimer.

Gemma will be sharing some bracing stories of a Big-wall climbing expedition to a remote corner of Siberia and Greg will be giving us an account of the perilous 1988 Antarctic expedition to climb Mt Minto.

Doors open at 7:30pm for a 8:00pm start.

BYO Drinks and snacks.

Siberian Big Walls
It's fair to say that he granite walls and towers of the Chukotka region near Bilibino in Siberia are pretty remote. They were only discovered as a "climbers’ paradise" in 2014 by Chris Fitzgerald and Chris Warner.

In 2015 Chris returned with Gemma Woldendorp and Natasha Sebire to attempt the first ascents of some gigantic walls in an unclimbed valley.

Gemma is going to share the story of how, in the short window of time between the mosquito breeding season and the onset of winter, the team managed to pioneer several new long routes. There will also be insights into the unusual plants and animals to be found in the seemingly barren tundra landscape, regional drinking habits and of course, the unique Russian hospitality.

The 1988 Mt Minto expedition
On New years eve 1987 Greg and 10 mates sailed out of Sydney heads in an ageing, 65-ft three-masted schooner and turned right.
One month later after numerous gales a busted generator and an engine room fire they anchored in the Ross sea off the coast of Antarctica.

Their goal was the first ascent of Mt. Minto, a peak of 12,000+ feet, in the Admiralty Range of Northern Victoria Land.
From the anchorage they had to get ashore, man-haul nearly 100 miles, climb the mountain and return, in only three weeks.

The return voyage was even more sketchy, with a Force-11 storm, damage from icebergs, a shortage of fresh water and more mechanical failures.

This is one of the great stories of modern Australian exploration told straight from the mouth of a national living treasure.

You can't miss this one people!

As always this is a free community event, but we will "pass the hat around" and if you feel like pitching in a donation (a gold coin is fine) then you will be helping us cover the costs of presents for our speakers, projector bulbs and occasional travel expenses for any speakers coming from afar.

We hope to see you there - just wait in the doorway and we'll let you in.

See you on the 7 April!

Pat and Bjorn at Adventure Time HQ
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