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Glen Davis Canyon

Leader:Felix Ossig-Bonanno
Email:ossigf [replace this stuff with the at symbol] gmail [this one is meant to be a dot] com [that completes the address and now comes a subject suggestion] Glen Davis Canyon
Kent and I should be checking out a canyon at Glen Davis next week.

Possibly checking out a new pass (there is definite scrambling, high exposure). Probably lots of abseils maybe swims, probably scrub... haven't been there so not sure. Prior experience is important - let me know what trips you have done if I don't know.

Since it is getting colder, you'll want to be prepared with an extra layer(s). Extra snacks is also a good idea, high energy is good. Macadamia nuts are are a current favourite for me ;)

Unfortunately I can't offer a lift as I am walking over from Newnes the day before. Then heading to Bathurst Wednesday night, and then back to Katoomba Thursday morning.
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