SUBW Calendar 2016

The SUBW Calendar 2016 is now available for purchase at a discounted price! Get in quick before this quality product sells out!! The more you buy the cheaper they get!

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A huge thank you to every member who entered the photo competition - the calendar would not have been possible without you. Selection was tough as we received an array of amazing photos, however we managed to pick what in our opinion best represented SUBW and our members' activities. Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Alireza Shafiee
  • Andrew Palmer
  • Ashley Burke
  • Christian Wilson
  • Graham Wootton
  • Jia-Wei Zhu
  • Natalie Wang
  • Thushan Ganegedara
  • Xiaohui Lin

    It is printed on 200 gsm glossy paper stock and is wire bound. It is a great Christmas present idea!

    Choose quantity / postage

    While the pricing is already calculated so you don't have to do any maths, here's how it works in case you're wondering:
    1 for $10 (that's cheap!)
    2 for $9 each (great value!)
    3 are $8.67 each (are you kidding me?)
    4 are $8 each (that's a lot of great photos for not much money!)
    5 are $7.60 each (help! trackside robbery!!)
    Want more? I'm sure we can work out a great bulk discount for you - contact us to see what we can do for you!

    1 for $2.50
    2 for $4
    3 and more: $5.50

    SUBW Nude Calendar 2014

    The SUBW Nude Calendar for 2014 is now sold out! Sorry!

    Profits from this year's nude calendar will support the Colong Foundation - helping to protect the areas that we love to walk in.

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  • Honi Soit
  • Fat Canyoners

    SUBW Nude Calendar 2013

    The 2013 Nude Calendar has now sold out. Sorry!

    Check out a review of our 2013 calendar on the Fat Canyoners website.

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